Security Guard Litigation Defense

Gallo Vitucci Klar LLP’s defense attorneys are highly skilled in defending both national and local security companies against claims brought by third parties and client companies for negligent security, false imprisonment, false and unlawful arrest, assault and battery, excessive use of force, improper search and seizure, and negligent hiring.

Negligent Security Defense Litigation

Gallo Vitucci Klar handles the negligent security civil actions stemming from assaults, rapes, murders, robberies and other similar violent crimes with significant knowledge as to the interplay between the criminal and civil matters.

Security Guard and Negligent Security Litigation Defense Case Results

  • Obtained dismissal through appeal of a negligent security claim by a residential building tenant who was shot in his building and rendered paraplegic.
  • Represented a prominent commercial security company in lawsuits.
  • Represented high-profile developers and commercial and residential property owners in negligent security lawsuits arising from violent crimes, including homicides and sexual assaults.