Our attorneys are experienced in defending insurers in law suits and arbitrations brought by medical providers in all areas ranging from medical necessity/IME termination/peer review, EUO/IME no-shows, fee schedule reductions and material misrepresentation. We can depose claimants or medical providers to obtain additional investigation into the loss and/or claims, and thereafter craft the appropriate discovery demands to obtain any additional investigation needed.

We are fully versed in motion practice, and will file motions for summary judgment to push a case toward resolution through the judicial process. We are also experienced in subrogation actions in an effort to recover no-fault monies paid, when permitted by law.

No-Fault/PIP Case Results

  • In Actual Chiropractic PC a/a/o Anthony Cabreja v. Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Co., we obtained summary judgment dismissing two cases filed by plaintiff where the insurer denied coverage for the loss under their Florida policy based on material misrepresentations alleged to have been made by the insured at the inception of the policy as to his residence and the garage location of the insured vehicle.
  • The case of J.Leung Acupuncture P.C. a/a/o Kim Graville v. Dairyland Insurance Co.┬áresulted in a published decision where the court agreed with Dairyland that the insured made material misrepresentations in the application as to her residence and the garage location of the insured vehicle, and found that there was sufficient evidence that Ms. Graville resided in Brooklyn, NY, and not Greene, Maine, as she had represented, and allowed Dairyland to void the policy retroactively pursuant to Maine law.