Construction Defect

Construction Defect litigation or what is more commonly known as the defense against faulty or alleged “shotty” work product can be costly and lengthy to a carrier and insured. Construction defect cases in New York and New Jersey are often bogged down with discovery issues, multiple depositions, expert disclosures and time consuming and costly investigation.

The attorneys at Gallo Vitucci Klar LLP can help reduce costs and shorten litigation time by utilizing an aggressive approach. Experts are obtained at the onset of assignment or at the first possible opportunity to flesh out the most favorable arguments. Contractual indemnity issues and obligations are determined early on in the litigation. Delays are decreased and important items/documents are obtained and preserved. When using an experienced construction defect litigator who can minimize time delays and cost concerns, outcomes are far superior.

The attorneys at GVK have 20 plus years of experience defending the most complex construction defect cases in conjunction with nuances of local, state and federal regulations. Our construction defect coverage attorneys are familiar with the often times troublesome coverage disputes that arise regarding CGL policies and occurrence definitions.

As experienced litigators and trial attorneys, the construction team at GVK can and will vigorously defend contractors, subcontractors, commercial and residential property owners, utility companies and municipalities in Local, State and Federal Court.