Asbestos Litigation

Gallo Vitucci Klar LLP is an established leader in the field of asbestos defense. We have represented a myriad of clients in the context of asbestos-exposure claims for over 20+ years, including companies that have mined, milled, designed, specified, manufactured, processed, compounded, converted, packaged, sold, marketed, distributed, transported, supplied, utilized, installed, removed, handled and/or placed into the stream of commerce asbestos or asbestos-containing products.

We have handled all phases of asbestos litigation in both the state and Federal courts, from inception through verdict, and on appeal. In terms of injuries, we have successfully defended cases involving claims of mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural plaques, lung cancer, throat cancer and stomach cancer.

On both liability and damages, our investigation and discovery practices are thorough. We fully explore all available defenses, e.g., product identification, duty / discharge of duty, merchantability of products, notice/state of the art defenses, medical causation, intervening/superseding causes, culpable conduct of plaintiff/comparative negligence, negligence of other parties, misuse of products, assumption of risk, mitigation of damages, Statute of Limitations, deduction of duplicate benefits, etc. Our attorneys know how to elicit proof to establish such defenses, including, without limitation, through expert witnesses.

Towards these ends, however, we employ a cost-effective approach that is sensible to our clients.