Gallo Vitucci Klar LLP’s Appellate Practice Group is led by its Chair, C. Briggs Johnson.  The Group is responsible for handling a wide range of complex appeals and motions across diverse practice areas.  This includes preparing briefs and motions involving well-established areas of law, as well as more novel and complex legal issues.

The Appellate practice Group is comprised of experienced appellate attorneys who have, combined, handled hundreds of appeals and even more motions.  These experiences have allowed the appellate attorneys to develop strong analytical skills, a deep knowledge of procedural issues, a superior command of the substantive law, as well as excellent writing skills. This unique balance ensures that any appeal or motion handled by the Group yields the best possible result for our clients.

When briefing appeals for our clients, attorneys in the Group provide in-depth and comprehensive legal research; intelligent, sophisticated, and articulate legal analysis; persuasive and effective legal briefs; and they demonstrate their ability to distill complex fact patterns to highlight and accentuate the true legal issues in a particular case.

This collaborative effort between the handling attorney and the appellate practice attorney creates persuasive and sophisticated arguments for dispositive motions in cases involving high exposure if an appeal becomes necessary.