Four New Partners Join Gallo Vitucci Klar LLP To Head Its New York No-Fault Department Forming One Of The Largest No-Fault Defense Practices In New York State

January 17, 2024

With the previous announced addition of the attorneys of Rubin, Fiorella, Friedman & Mercante LLP (“RFFM”) to Gallo Vitucci Klar LLP (“GVK”),  we are  excited by the  expansion and strengthening  of our New York No-Fault insurance law practice.  Three new partners from RFFM,  Charles T. Rubin,  David Boucher, and Michael Tomsky, join as experts in the area of New York No-Fault law, enriching the firm’s capabilities and commitment to excellence in legal services. Additionally, Sarah Rubin joined GVK as a partner in late November 2023 from Lewis Brisbois where she served as Managing Attorney of the firm’s No-Fault department for almost 14 years and will also be a team manager, further strengthening the practice.

GVK’s No-Fault department is involved in all aspects of the practice, from submission of claims to litigation and larger scale coverage actions. GVK’s primary goal is to think outside the facially rigid rules imposed by regulation and to identify the avenues that provide clients with an extra layer of protection against specious claims.  The firm regularly conducts SIU investigations as to the legitimacy of reported collisions and subsequent treatment by taking examinations under oath of claimants and medical providers.  The firm has led the industry in initiating declaratory judgment actions, which have been an effective tool in cutting off claims and, at the same time, reducing fees and costs for its clients. The declaratory actions have been used to attack all claims resulting from a single accident or in larger actions relating to licensing and RICO violations by medical providers.

GVK also maintains an active litigation and arbitration practice and regularly conducts trial, arbitration hearings and appeals. This Team has obtained excellent results for its clients, particularly in defending fraud claims, including some of the leading New York State decisions on this issue.  The Team has obtained favorable decisions, protecting insurers from having to justify examination under oath requests post hoc and piercing corporate veils of providers who seek to use the corporate entity to shield themselves from fraudulent behavior.

Additionally, the GVK Team regularly offers training seminars to insurance carriers, self insurers and to third party administrators. The seminars focus on recent trends in NY No-Fault law, proper claims handling and how to comply with the complex New York No-Fault statute and regulations.

The Team’s expertise lies in managing a substantial caseload of No-Fault matters for both traditional insurance companies and self-insured entities in a high-volume environment.  The Team’s proactive insights and expertise make them influential contributors in the field of No-Fault Litigation.