New York 2011 Construction Accident Verdict Summary

May 3, 2012

VerdictSearch recently compiled a useful chart of verdicts in New York in 2011 awarded in Construction Accident cases. The chart lists the name of the case, date of verdict, court, the type of action and injuries, the name of plaintiff’s counsel and amounts of the verdicts, which range from $19.5 million to $125,000. Out of the 91 verdicts listed, 59 were over $1 million, with an average verdict in the amount of $3 million. Attached is a copy of the Construction Accident Verdict chart for your reference. The cases are predominantly actions prosecuted under the New York State Labor Law, meant to protect construction workers by holding construction companies, owners and contractors liable for unsafe workplace practices where regulations under this set of laws have been violated and workers injured. The attached Construction Accident Verdict chart provides a quick reference to gauge the trend in verdicts awarded by jurors in trial courts throughout New York and highlights notable plaintiff’s attorneys in New York specializing in the litigation and trial of Construction Site Accidents. Should any of these verdicts be of particular interest to you and you require additional information regarding the facts of the case, please contact us and we will attempt to obtain more details.

Click here (PDF | XLS) to view the Construction Accident Verdict chart.