GVK Joins Hands With The Bowery Mission

October 10, 2023

On October 5th, GVK had the privilege of joining hands with the Bowery Mission for a day of volunteering that made a meaningful difference in the lives of New Yorkers in need.

The Bowery Mission is dedicated to fostering the well-being and success of New Yorkers who are striving to overcome homelessness and marginalization. They achieve this by offering a range of compassionate services and by cultivating a transformative sense of community.

With the generous support of individuals like you, they extend a helping hand to their neighbors through various initiatives, including Compassionate Care, Residential & Community Programs, Transitional Housing & Alumni Programs, and specialized Children’s Programs. Through these efforts, the Bowery Mission strives to empower individuals in need, providing them with the resources and support necessary for a brighter future.

GVK enthusiastically participated in a day of volunteer service at The Bowery Mission to provide lunch to those facing challenging circumstances. It was a humbling experience, and we were deeply moved by the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of our fellow New Yorkers who rely on the Mission’s support.

Our dedication to community involvement and giving back remains an essential part of who we are, and we’re proud to continue supporting organizations like The Bowery Mission in their mission to uplift and empower our neighbors in need.

Special thanks to Hugh Linnehan and the rest of The Bowery Mission team for a warm welcome and an eye-opening experience. We’re excited about future volunteering with The Bowery Mission and urge you to join us in supporting their mission!