Defense Verdict in Negligence Claims Against International Telephone and Cable Corporation and Its Contractor

Kenneth S. Merber obtained a defense verdict on behalf of Verizon New Jersey, Inc. Shortly before the jury issued its verdict dismissing the claims against Verizon, the court granted a directed verdict in favor of Mr. Merber’s other client, J. Fletcher Creamer & Sons. Mr. Merber successfully defended the claims in which the infant claimant, Tiffany Amell, and her mother, Nicole Amell, alleged that Tiffany was severely and permanently injured and disabled as a result of defendants’ negligence in connection with the construction, installation, maintenance and inspection of Verizon’s fiber optic cable system network. The infant plaintiff was 13 years of age at the time of the alleged occurrence. As a result of the alleged accident, Tiffany sustained injuries to her right ankle, including a fracture for which she underwent surgery. She subsequently developed RSD, a diagnosis confirmed by the defense experts.

At trial, Mr. Merber proved that defendants were not responsible for the accident. Plaintiffs had demanded $1.2 million to settle before the jury dismissed the case.